Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thanks, but no thanks.

 Today in the mail I received a letter from a business known as the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys. Inc. advising me that I am a spectacular attorney and I have been chosen from their "rigorous selection process" to receive their "prestigious" Top 10 Attorney Award. The letter goes to tell me that this association has been in existence since 2013 (really?) with the primary goal of recognizing the top 10 family law lawyers in each state for their "hard work". I am urged to return my acceptance by a specific date or my spot will be given to the first alternate. The second page entitled "Award Acceptance Form" contains spots for all the necessary information for me to receive my "prestigious" award including the spot where I can indicate how I want to pay the $250 Award Administration Fee to them for this honor. When I fork over $250, they will provide me with a plaque telling me how wonderful I am as a Top 10 Attorney. 
There are days when my self confidence may slip a little low, but  honestly, I don't think I need to fork over $250 for a plaque to remind myself of how special I really am. Plus, it would help if they got my name correct. I haven't been "Smith" since 1992 and I am not licensed in Vermont under that name at all. That, and the fact that a Google search doesn't come up with any such organization on the first page of hits, is more than enough to make me say, thanks, but no thanks.
I think I'll file this one where it belongs.....in the trash.

Do I get paid for that?

English: TSA Passenger Screening
English: TSA Passenger Screening (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Workers who are required to go through security screenings either coming or going from their job are asserting that they are entitled to get paid for the time including any time spent waiting for the screening since it's a required part of their jobs. Obviously, employers disagree. The Supreme Court of the United States has granted cert to consider and decide the issue concerning workers at an Amazon warehouse facility. Look for  Integrity Staffing Solutions v. Busk which will decide the issue. Read more about it at the ABA Journal
What is your opinion?
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