Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Being Mindful

Mindfulness is a word that you most likely have been hearing a lot lately. It is in the news, it is on Facebook, it is on Twitter and other social media sites.

Lawyers are some of the folks who try to do it all, I know I am. I remember one time that I was trying to listen to two different seminars - one on the computer and one of the phone while doing some work. Guess what? I got nothing from it and I knew I probably wouldn't but I still tried.

Sometimes, it is necessary to step back, take a breath (a real breath, not that shallow, urgent thing we do all the time that we pass for taking a breath) and remember that we don't need to do it all.

I want to share something I came across that reminds us lawyers that slowing down occasionally and really paying attention to our days and the moments that comprise them, isn't such a bad thing.


The link discusses mindfulness and the law and gives us five really simply tips how to make ourselves just a little more aware of the world around us.

Give it a try.